Beauty is in the eye of the photographer {for Click of the Wild}

Alicia chose our focus this time, and she explained that her idea was for us to take photo’s of things people would not find beautiful. Maybe something that would go un-noticed even, yet the photo itself grab the viewer. For us to really see the beauty in the everyday.  Well I loved this focus. I often use a hashtag on instagram ‘seeing the beauty’. So I was excited to shoot that way for Click of the Wild. Because it’s a busy time of year, I honestly didn’t put time and effort into it like I wanted too. I got my shot while driving to a shoot with a friend, and the funny thing is, as we drove up on this scene she said “that looks awful!” at the same time I was thinking “cool”! haha! I told her and we laughed at how we saw two entirely different things!

These pine tree’s had been stripped of all their branches…

Now, click over and see what the other girls saw and captured on Click of the Wild. Thanks for looking!

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