abandonment {for Click of the Wild}

Molly chose our focus word this time around (for Click of the Wild — Click here to see more about this little project) and the first thing I thought of was my flower beds. I mean really, they scream ‘abandonment’! But, then I moved on to a structural approach. A little more pleasing to the eye, and photographic ;)

I have always thought this chimney standing alone at an old homeplace was beautiful. So it seemed fitting that I capture it. Then, as I took the photo, a lady came up and asked what I was doing, as it turns out this place belongs to her Uncle. We chatted for a while and she suggested that I also take a photo of a house just down the street, it was her Dads home. And she felt like it would fit the focus word well. She was right… I love both!



Now, click over to Click of the Wild and see the other girls images!

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