Pattern {for Click of the Wild}

It’s Click of the Wild time again!

Mallory chose pattern. And I was all “neat! love it! cool!”
Then, I just repeated “pattern” in my head for a few days and couldn’t think of a way I wanted to capture the word.
It has many meanings (I even looked it up in hopes to get a better idea of where to go with it) I thought of the kind of patterns you use to make clothes (my Mom has some cool vintage ones in her sewing room), I thought of the pattern of a fabric or material, I thought of the pattern of shapes/colors/things, I thought of the pattern of habits and human behavior.
But I still had no idea how to capture pattern.

Then, while waiting on clients to get to a photo session, I glanced up and noticed a window with pretty panes in it, and the sunlight coming through and the tree’s outside. And I thought “pattern”. The panes, the leaves. So I took a picture…


On the way home that same night I saw an American flag, and since the American flag kept coming to mind for this focus, I decided to stop and take a quick picture. I wish it had not been folded… it is huge, but didn’t have enough wind that night to straighten it out…
I ended up using this shot for the focus, it just felt right… being July and all :)

Walking past my bedroom a few days ago my window caught my eye. This time the pattern of the blinds and the pattern of the sun/shadows on the lamp shade…

I am curious, what do you think when you think ‘pattern’? Leave it in the comments please!  And head on over to Click of the Wild to see how the other girls saw and captured pattern :)

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