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Another unplanned hiatus on the blog. It’s one of those things… it takes time and effort. And I can’t seem to find the time and effort to keep our laundry clean these days! ha. But, for several reasons, I want to blog again. I’ve questioned whether it’s even worth it, I mean, we have so many platforms to use these days – but then I looked for something on my blog the other day and I was all “I loooooove this! ………… Look at that! ………… I remember that session! ……..” and sometimes, even the things I write are a good reminder, of,  whatever it may be. Did that make any sense? No? Okay, moving on. Life lately ;)

Is there really anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? And how hard is it for you to wake a sleeping baby? I mean, I don’t think it should be allowed. But, I had to wake this sweet girl.. it gave me a good chance to take a sleeping shot of her though.

And, she woke up happy! Kennedy was right there with me. Most of the time all three of her sisters come running when she wakes up!

She adores her Daddy…

I adore my kitchen, and little girls dressed up dancing (and Cora, or course ;) )

She recently turned six and I actually made time to brush her hair, and take a few photo’s of her. She told me she felt like a real client and that it was so fun! (score!)

Give her alllll the babies. She loves them and they love her!

The crew, minus Isla Jane

Flower Power

Thanks for looking!

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