Dance. Feel.

Awhile back, someone asked me “what is your favorite subject to shoot?” And I stumbled around on the answer a little. I am sure she expected a quick answer, such as “oh toddlers because they are so fun!” or “newborns! They are so sweet!” or “couples for sure, they listen and I don’t have to chase them!” 

Her question made me think. In fact, I scribbled down thoughts on the subject, and what I love shooting about different ages or different type sessions… (iPhone pic of my scribbles)


I found this little paper on my desk the other day, and wanted to finally get it out here, on my blog. And as I read it, and all that I love about each type of session that I shoot, I realized this… While I don’t ‘specialize’ in a certain subject or age, I realize there is something that I love about each one. But, more importantly, I love shooting – capturing – real moments. I love capturing an image that you can feel.

Real images that evoke a feeling.

That is what I love.



Tenley dances around our house all. the. time. I love that I captured her doing this and can only imagine the feelings I’ll have about these images when she is older. Even now I adore them. And the feeling in them. And the texture of her hair, and the movement…

Thank you for looking :) I hope you have an amazing day!

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