Isla Jane {Newborn Session}

You may remember me talking about sweet little Isla Jane making an 8-week early appearance here, in Kristen’s maternity post….  Well, I finally got around to doing her newborn pictures back in March, and let me just say, she was a dream subject. She would move her hands into the most precious little positions, which I loved, since posing a newborn is not my strong suit!

Meet my niece, Isla Jane….

2014-07-01_0001 2014-07-01_0002 2014-07-01_0003 2014-07-01_0004 2014-07-01_0005 2014-07-01_0006 2014-07-01_0007 2014-07-01_0008 2014-07-01_0009 2014-07-01_0010 2014-07-01_0011

I loved this one so much both in color and b&w, so here are both ;)

2014-07-01_0012 2014-07-01_0013 2014-07-01_0014 2014-07-01_0015 2014-07-01_0016 2014-07-01_0017

she smiles. a lot.

2014-07-01_0018 2014-07-01_0019

More happy smiley faces at the end of our session… love!!

2014-07-01_0020 2014-07-01_0021 2014-07-01_0022 2014-07-01_0023 2014-07-01_0024

Kristen, thanks for always trusting me and cheering me on! xoxo

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