Introducing: Gorgeous Galleries!

I have recently replaced disc’s with online galleries. And I am in love! Truth is, it was kinda hard for me to make the change. I don’t really know why exactly (yes, it does cost a little bit more) but also, I just liked the idea of handing someone a pretty packaged disc.
However, after a couple of clients mentioned that they don’t have a laptop or desktop at home anymore to put the disc in and view the photo’s (they simply use ipads/tablets and phones), I decided to look more into¬†other image sharing solutions.

After exploring different options, I decided to go with is PASS. And I haven’t regretted it once. I absolutely love sending the gallery to clients. It is easy to use, easy to share, easy to print,¬†really, it’s awesome!

I may not be passing out pretty packaged disc’s anymore, but, I am sending gorgeous galleries and (bonus!) a little snail mail too! Who doesn’t love snail mail?! …the good kind of course :)

What you can do with your gallery:

  • view your photo’s in a fresh, crisp gallery – anywhere! Access from your phone, computer, tablet…
  • order prints
  • share on social media (the gallery is password protected, so your friends only see what you post, unless you choose to share the password)
  • send the gallery to friends/family so they can order their own prints
  • download some or all of the images to your own computer or device
  • ‘favorite’ your most favorite images by clicking the heart (this makes it so much easier when choosing what to print, etc.)

So, there you go! To all of my past and future clients, I think you will be incredibly happy with this change. please feel free to ask me any questions – I am here for ya!

Here are a few screen shots from my phone, so you can get an idea of what it looks like. These are all recent sessions that I used PASS for…








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