Hello! It’s been way to long since I’ve been here on this space. I have really neglected it for….oh….8 or nine months now. Yikes!  Honestly, a few months ago I didn’t get around to paying my renewal fee for this blog and then had to make the decision to let it go (it was gone, but I had the option to pay to get the backup restored) or, pay the $100+ dollars to get it restored. I slept on it a few days. Considering I don’t use it often, and I really don’t feel like I get a lot of traffic here anymore, I didn’t want to pay the money to have it restored. But then, there are SO many personal posts that I love. And quite honestly, so many client posts that I love too. Truly, all the posts feel special in some way. I know it sounds cliché, but really, each post feels like a bit of my vision and heart poured into the photos. And each person who has gotten in front of my camera I am so grateful for. I love looking back on posts and seeing how I’ve changed, how I’ve grown, and how I am still the same.
This post is an all time favorite, I love reading it just to remember how I love ‘seeing’ things around me. How I love taking it all in, even when I don’t capture it on camera.

There is a quote by Elliott Erwitt that I love;
“Photography is an art of observation.
It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

For the last, I don’t know, maybe two years I haven’t been shooting as much as I once did. It feels like a good season though. All in God’s perfect timing. I have struggled a bit with the “oh I wish people were asking me to shoot more!” but that’s my ego talking. To be completely honest, this time of slowing down with my photography has felt so good. I am raising for daughters, and currently homeschooling two of them. I am busy (who isn’t these days?!). And I have this deep sense that being home with them is the most important, the very best thing, that I can do. The more I can focus on them, the more that I can pour into our home, the more I can talk to them and read them books and just be…the better I feel.

Now, with all that being said, I still crave that creative outlet that photography gives me. I just want to be careful that it doesn’t become a burden instead of an outlet. And in the fall season last year, I did take on more that I should have. It’s hard to say “no” but I am getting better at it.

 I am also trying hard to be more true to my style of shooting. I love lifestyle sessions, keeping my images ‘real’, and in home sessions are a favorite. I love birth photography and I still love bridal sessions! (still not shooting weddings, but thank you to every single bride who has asked me!)

I will leave you with this photo, recently taken at an in-home family session. It is out-of-focus, yet it speaks to me. You can see the happiness and joy in the blur. It kind of represents what I feel like these tender years of motherhood are; a blur of happiness and joy, mixed with hard moments too. But oh, how that joy and happiness shines through…..


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