Click of the Wild {One Year!}

This week marked the one year anniversary of Click of the Wild. Happy Anniversary! More than a year ago, I tossed out the idea of having a shared blog with some photographer friends, and focusing on one word/theme/expression at a time. This idea was tossed out at what we call “Nerd Night”. We are all photographers, and we get together every so often and ‘nerd it out’ :)

When I tossed out the idea (inspired by You are my Wild - amazing, incredible images all focused on kids), we all agreed that it didn’t matter if we had followers, or comments, or the support of others. All that mattered is that we have fun and we push ourselves to do something different, to see things differently. And to capture it.

Thank you to each and every one of you who do encourage us, follow us, cheer us on! Glad you enjoy, and hope you continue too!

We try not to spend to much time on each focus, we like to keep it fun and light and just learn from it. Often, we wait till the last day, and run out and grab an image in 5 minutes! ha. Either way, it has been fun and enlightening. I feel that I have grown in this little challenge and I must admit, as I look through my images, I am proud of what I have captured. And that makes me happy.
Here are my 24 pictures for each focus in the last year. Feel free to visit Click of the Wild blog and see each focus in its entirety.



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