Cora Aniston

On June 21, 2015 we welcomed Cora Aniston. Baby girl #4 for us! We are completely and totally in love. And while life has been extra busy lately (we brought her home from the hospital, closed on our construction loan and began building our new home all in the same day!) I feel like I have really just soaked up all her newborn sweetness. This stage passes so quickly, and I think I realize that now, and I am learning to just truly soak it all up. Sit, hold, kiss, snuggle, repeat.

I have also found that the hospital pictures are always my favorites. It’s such a special time, and often a blur while it’s all happening. I absolutely love looking back on the photo’s and just remembering and reliving the moments…  I really didn’t want Stu to have to worry with taking pictures this time, and instead just enjoy (and I didn’t want to worry about making sure he had the settings on the camera right, etc.) So I asked my friend Molly to document the birth, and our families meeting her for the first time. Now I want to tell all the Momma’s out there to hire a photographer for this special time! It’s SO worth it!!!

I chose just a few photo’s to share here… (it’s still a lot, even though it’s only a few compared to what all I have!) But I feel like these few tell the story - the story of Cora’s birth - pretty well. I get all teary and goo-goo-happy when I look at these, and I know I will forever treasure them.


My family started a tradition when we had Kennedy… we haven’t ever found out the gender of our babies before they are born, so while waiting out in the waiting room while I am in labor, our family guesses gender and size and everyone puts in a dollar. The person whose guess is the closest (gender then size) wins the money. The winner gave the money to Kennedy as a gift, and it just sort of stuck after that. Now, everyone still guesses and gives a dollar, but they always give the money to the baby. And we do it for all the babies in our families now, and I just love it! Here, my sister is writing down everyone’s guess and collecting the money…

Molly stepped out while I gave birth (the doctor only allowed 3 people in the room, and I didn’t want to send our Mom’s out) she told me that while the hall’s were quite and empty, and the baby crib waited outside our door, she could hear the excitement in the room… it just seems so surreal and makes this photo a little extra special to me.

She came back in and captured candid moments of everything after Cora was born…

Our girls, and the grandparents coming in to meet her – and find out boy or girl!

They wanted a boy, but the look on their faces proves that they are totally happy with this precious little sister of theirs.

These next two photo’s are absolutely priceless to me. I am in love.

Thank you Molly! Again and again for capturing these photo’s for us!!!

Now, we had my camera too (of course) and this is a few that we took at the hospital and the days following….
First, Stu insisted on taking a quick picture as soon as we got to the hospital (which honestly, I love him for it. There was a time he tried to take my picture while in labor and I was SO annoyed! But I’ve learned that I really love having these to look back on :) ) So here I am. On my due date, at the hospital, in between contractions, looking huge. She ended up weighing 9 pounds, 11ounces.



Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Amy W.

    Congratulations on your new little girl!!! She is precious and those little cheeks are too cute! These pictures are great! Molly did a great job! You can really feel the love and emotion in them. I actually teared up a couple of times;-)

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